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A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log & Return To School

A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log & Return To School

Sep 24, 2016
4 PM

Directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar
Rated G, 65 min.
Tickets are $5 and include free popcorn

Screened in English and French.

Come visit A Town Called Panic, with two award-winning new specials from the Academy Award®-nominated directors of Ernest & Celestine. With disarming wit and hilarious visuals, A Town Called Panic revels in the simple setup of three plasticine toys sent on increasingly surreal and freewheeling adventures. Cowboy and Indian are always up to some harebrained scheme, with Horse left to clean up the mess. In “The Christmas Log,” their out-of-control antics lead Horse to call Santa and cancel the presents. But the boys figure they can still save Christmas… if they break into their neighbor’s house to steal his yule log! In “Return to School,” a class assignment yields a special prize, but only Pig knows the answer. Cowboy and Indian use a special shrinking potion to try and sneak into Pig’s brain, where they discover a sodium-packed world of pig cops riding in bacon cars and sausage cycles.

The English version of the two films begins at 4pm, immediately followed by the French version at 5:20pm. Special "Return to School" themed gifts will be given to students.

This special matinee presentation and give-aways are part of the first annual Art House Theater Day which was created to celebrate the legacy of independent theaters as advocates for cinema arts. In an age where media has become more digital than tangible, more solitary than social, art house theaters remain the physical spaces where film lovers congregate and connect with intrepid, creative filmmaking. They are the beating heart for new and exciting cinema that is shaping the future of the medium.

"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!" - The Hollywood Reporter “A SPARKLY LITTLE GEM!” - Variety

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