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11th Annual Filmmakers Showcase

11th Annual Filmmakers Showcase

Dec 8, 2016
7 PM

Directed by Various Directors
Rated Not Rated, 120 min.
Free Screening

Underwritten by Utah Film Comission & Utah Arts & Museums & Park City Community Foundation and Summit County RAP Tax

Part of the Reel Community Series

Beer and wine available for purchase.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED (4:10) by Gregory Alexander Foltynowicz; Bennett Barbosa, cinematography; Matthew Bernhardt, actor
HAND DRAWN PHOTO BOOTH (2:02) by Steve Olpin; Natalie Allsup-Edwards, featured artist
WHAT IF YOU FLY (9:46) by Taylor Rees, Renan Osturk and Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger
IíM READY (8:51) by Noah Cohen; Nate Cohen, production assistant
OUCH MY MENTAL HEALTH (3:37) by Brian Higgins
ENTANGLEMENT (14:00) by Arthur Veenema; Whitney Palmer, actor; Sam Katz, sound
FRAMES & INTERVALS (2:03) by Shawn Emery
ONE DEFINING DOT (4:34) by Cameron George; SpyHop
THIS CUP (6:06) by Jake Chamberlain and Mariah Jackson-Christensen
GERDA (4:16) by KUERís VideoWest
UNCONQUERABLE (5:44) by Lexie Floor; Carson Tueller, featured athlete
THE PEOPLE (4:26) by Amy Ollerton and David Padeken
EARTH AND FIRE (3:58) by Steve Olpin; Kelly Magleby, featured artist
RED LOPEZ (13:21) Co-Directed by Stephen Frandsen and Hadleigh Arnst; Cinematography by Heimo Ritzinger
STRONGER THAN YOU REALIZE (6:40) by Jenny Mackenzie; Amanda Stoddard, producer
UNSPOKEN TRUTH (5:08) by Annelisa Kingsbury Lee; SpyHop
STALKER (2:05) by Remy Eichner; Amia Hoang, actor; Cali Wall and Ella Ball, crew members
JUNIPERUS (1:25) by Aiden Ulrich
CUBA GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS (3:26) by Bennett Barbosa

Pre-Show (6:30pm) and Post-Show (9pm) in Community Room (Total Running Time: 18 minutes)
CREATIVITY IS LIFE (5:44) by Gregory Alexander Foltynowicz; Bennett Barbosa, cinematography
DREAM BIG (2:20) Cinematography by Heimo Ritzinger
POINT 2 POINT (2:50) Executive Produced by Jay Burke; Aaron Springston, cinematography and editing; Bennett Duchin; second unit director of photography
ROTODRUMMER (1:04) by Steve Pecchia-Bekkum and University of Utah Animation Class
RITUAL CHOCOLATE (3:00) by Shawn Emery

Artists who will display original artwork in Community Room
Bob Peek, Hunter Metcalf, Catalina Ritzinger, Renan Ozturk, Chelsie Richter and Bill Kranstover


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