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Away from Her

Away from Her

Sep 21 - Sep 23, 2007

Directed by Sarah Polley
Rated PG-13, 110 min.

Underwritten by Utah Chapter of the Alzheimer?s Association

The still luminous Julie Christie stars in this gracefully wrought story of two people who have been married for many years. Based on an Alice Monroe story, the tale starts with a devoted, active older couple going cross-country skiing at sunset in the beautiful Ontario country side. Their lives begin to change when Christie?s character starts showing early signs of Alzheimer?s. Simpatico for 44 years of marriage, they must now deal with a disruption that tests them like no other. This is the assured directorial debut of Sarah Polley, one of Canada?s best known actresses.

A beautifully done film made with delicacy and classic virtues. - Los Angeles Times

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