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Rescue Dawn

Rescue Dawn

Nov 9 - Nov 11, 2007

Directed by Werner Herzog
Rated PG-13, 120 min.

Underwritten by Silver Star

From legendary director Werner Herzog and starring acclaimed actor Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Prestige) comes the incredible true story of a man who, from the depths of total despair, blazed his own willful path to freedom. A blistering action-adventure and a stark epic of survival, Rescue Dawn reveals how Dieter Dengler, the only American to ever break out of a POW camp in the impenetrable Laotian jungle, relied on the most primal qualities of evasion, endurance, tenacity and courage to find his way home. In the annals of history's great escapes there is no other story like it.

A thrilling surprise. - Rolling Stone

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