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Max and Mona

Max and Mona

Sep 14, 2006
6 pm

Directed by Teddy Mattera (South Africa)
Rated Not Rated, 98 min. - subtitled
Free Screening

Part of the Global Lens Series

Traditional beliefs say that the souls of the dead will not join their ancestors until the mourners cry at their graves. Max Bua, 19, from a South African farm community, has inherited his grandfather?s talent for mourning. Despite this heaven-sent gift, Max has his sights set on becoming a doctor and must travel to Johannesburg to begin his studies. With money the villagers collected for his tuition fees, and a wedding gift, he sets off to the city. Arriving too late to register and secure his room at the university, Max must seek out his infamous Uncle Norman. Director Teddy Mattera has constructed a slapstick comedy about a young boy?s coming of age and his wild adventure with a most unlikely partner in crime.


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