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Gypsy Caravan

Gypsy Caravan

Dec 21 - Dec 23, 2007

Directed by Jasmine Dellal
Rated Not Rated, 110 min.

Underwritten by David Schultz of West Light Images

Musicians from different lands but sharing a common heritage come together for a concert tour that proves as revelatory for the participants as their audiences in this documentary. In 2001, American promoters persuaded five noted bands of gypsy musicians to join forces for what was billed as The Gypsy Caravan Tour, but while these musicians appealed to many of the same fans, for the most part they had never met before going on the road together. As the tour wore on, the artists began to interact both musically and socially, and their different takes on gypsy music began to inform one another in new and interesting ways.

Deserves to have its brilliant colors, lavish costumes, and vivacious musical numbers seen on the big screen. - LA Times

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