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White Heat

White Heat

Feb 13, 2008
7 pm

Directed by Raoul Walsh
Rated Not Rated, 114 min.
Free Screening

Part of the Books 2 Movies Series in partnership with Park City Library and Summit County Libraries

White Heat is one of the top classic crime-heist dramas of the post-war period, and one of the last of Warner Bros' gritty crime films in its era. White Heat is an entertaining, fascinating and hypnotic portrait of a flamboyant, mother-dominated and fixated, epileptic and psychotic killer, who often spouts crude bits of humor. The dynamic film, with both film noir and documentary-style elements, is characterized by an increased level of violence and brutality along with classical Greek elements.

Brilliantly directed by Raoul Walsh, it returns a more subtle James Cagney to the kind of thug role that made him famous ? Time Magazine, Sep. 19, 1949

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