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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Feb 15 - Feb 17, 2008

Directed by Sidney Lumet
Rated R, 123 min.

Underwritten by Dolly's Bookstore

Master filmmaker Sidney Lumet directs this absorbing suspense thriller about a family facing the worst enemy of all - itself. Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Andy, an overextended broker who lures his younger brother into a larcenous scheme: the pair will rob a suburban mom-and-pop jewelry store that appears to be the quintessential easy target. The store owners are Andy and Hank's actual parents and, when the seemingly perfect crime goes awry, the damage lands right at their doorstep. Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei gives a riveting performance as Hoffman's wife. The stellar cast also includes Albert Finney as the family patriarch who pursues justice at all costs, completely unaware that the culprits he is hunting are his own sons. This film was an official selection of the most recent New York Film Festival.

Ranks with the year?s best. - Peter Travis, Rolling Stones

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