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Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding

Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2008

Directed by Noah Baumbach
Rated R, 93 min.

Underwritten by University of Utah Continuing Education

Margot Zeller, a savagely bright, razor-tongued writer who creates chaos wherever she goes, sets off on a surprise journey to the wedding of her estranged and free-spirited, easy-going sister Pauline. Margot arrives at her sister?s house with the gale force of a hurricane. From the minute she meets Pauline's fianc? -- an unemployed artist -- Margot starts to plant seeds of doubt about the marriage. As the wedding approaches, one complication crashes into the next creating a comedy of searing insight and originality.

Frequently brilliant...mercilessly, squirm-inducingly funny. - A.O Scott, the New York Times

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