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Running Dry

Running Dry

May 6, 2008
7 pm

Directed by Jim Thebaut
Rated Not Rated, 80 min.
Free Screening

Underwritten by Park City Municipal Corporation & Park City Film Series

Without a clean, reliable water supply human existence on this planet is not possible. Water managers around the world have witnessed this quintessential resource, which mankind unfortunately takes for granted, come under severe strain as the global population has exploded. Our sternest warnings and admonitions have fallen on deaf ears, either because it was inconvenient to pay attention or it was so far away that it could easily be ignored. Not until the release of Jim Thebaut's brilliantly compiled documentary RUNNING DRY, have citizens of the world been exposed to the enormity and complexity of the problems surrounding the world's water supply.

Folloiwng the screening there will be a panel discussion. Patti Simon, wife of the late senator Paul Simon, who's book this film is based upon, will be one of the panelists.

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