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May 23 - May 25, 2008

Directed by Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi
Rated PG-13, 95 min. - subtitled

Underwritten by Dolly's Bookstore

Filmmakers Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi collaborated to co-write and co-direct this adaptation of Satrapi's bestselling autobiographical graphic novel about the life of an outspoken Iranian girl who finds her unique attitude and outlook on life repeatedly challenged under the government of the Shah and during the Islamic revolution. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature the film has a unique style and emotional maturity that makes it truly a work of cinematic art. The film features the voice of Sean Penn, Gena Rowlands, Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni.

Not to be missed. - David Ansen, Newsweek

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