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Nov 10, 2005
7 pm

Directed by Jonathan Berman
Rated Not Rated, 78 min.
Free Screening

Part of the Best of Slamdance Series

A group of young urban artists and activists move to a remote Californian wilderness to create a new world, armed only with the slogan ?Free Land for Free People.? There, they live together on an abandoned gold mining ranch nestled within a one million acre wilderness. They share the idea of the family unit as an entity beyond the nuclear, beyond blood relatives. In the process of creating the commune, they begin an adventure designed to reprogram their minds, bodies, and souls towards something that will implode their 1950?s upbringing.

But being together and deeply exploring ?what it means to be free? in all its variations creates new problems, which intensify when members of the group become parents. Their utopia is complicated by FBI harassment, jealousy, and a cult that takes ?experiments in living? to the extreme. Today, new participants arrive at the land for the same reason: to explore the art of being together. COMMUNE is the first documentary to look at communal living, exploring the choices that define our personal lives and how they create forces that reverberate throughout our national and global identities.

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