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Mountain Patrol

Mountain Patrol

Sep 22 - Sep 24, 2006

Directed by Lu Chuan
Rated Not Rated, 95 min. - subtitled

Underwritten by Melissa Puff Nibley & Frank Normile of REMAX Mountain Properties & Summit Land Conservancy

Filmmaker Lu Chuan traveled to the remote border of China and Tibet, to make this film, the true story of a reporter from Beijing, who traveled to the high mountains of Western China to learn about armed volunteer patrols trying to save the endangered Tibetan antelope. Poachers are decimating the herds and selling pelts to be made into fashionable shawls. The reporter goes along on patrol in the hopes that a story in the newspaper will spur the Chinese government to take stronger action to protect the animals. The film, filled with panoramic and colorful images, was shot on location under dangerous conditions. The film is from Mainland China where it won Hong Kong's Golden Horse Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Picture.

A gorgeous, engrossing epic reminiscent of Kurosawa. - Seattle Times

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