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Dec 19 - Dec 21, 2003

Directed by Michael Polish
Rated PG-13, 94 min.

Underwritten by Water Science

It?s 1955 and Northfork, Montana is about to be flooded, thanks to a new hydroelectric dam. Not everybody is willing to leave. It might be the last town on the last frontier of the last untouched corner of God?s country where the buffalo roam in the company of earth bound angels. The film examines no less than the original pioneer spirit and its evolution from a force to discover new lands to one that paves them over. This highly stylized film speculates on Manifest Destiny as well as on what may save the human race from its desire to consume itself. The director, Michael Polish, has created a cinematic vision unlike anything you have seen this year. The ensemble cast includes James Woods, Nick Nolte, Daryl Hannah, Peter Coyote, Anthony Edwards and Kyle MacLachlan.

A brilliant and intense cinematic journey. - Chicago Tribune

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