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The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters

Dec 12 - Dec 14, 2003

Directed by Peter Mullan
Rated R, 110 min.

Underwritten by JB Mulligans & Plan B

Named after the mother of all repentant sinners, Mary Magdalene, and run by the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland, the Magdalene convents functioned for decades as quasi prisons for fallen women. Church elders sentenced thousands of women indefinitely for transgressions that ran from becoming pregnant out of wedlock to engaging in harmless flirtations. The women worked unpaid seven days a week doing laundry to wash away their sins, and were subjected to many abuses. This is the moving story of three young women who were determined to be free.

One of the best films of the year. - Ebert and Rupert, At the Movies

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