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Margarette's Feast

Margarette's Feast

Sep 24, 2009
6 pm

Directed by Renato Falcao
Rated Not Rated, 80 min. - subtitled
Free Screening

Part of the Global Lens Series

Brazilian black and white silent film: Margarette's Feast, is director Renato Falcao's stunning debut feature. The phenomenal Hique Gomez plays the stereotypical little-guy-against-the-world whose predicament transforms him into this tall stick of a human alternately tugging at your heart-strings and your laugh-out-loud muscles in a pitch-perfect blend of tragedy and comedy. This film makes dazzling use of exhilarating Brazilian music, intentionally under-lit photography, exuberant acting styles and a cast of characters spanning the social spectrum that would be the envy of Dickens or Balzac.

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