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Salty Horror Intl. Film Festival

Salty Horror Intl. Film Festival

Nov 3 - Nov 6, 2011
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Directed by Various Directors
Rated Not Rated, 90 min.
Tickets are $10 per screenng. You can purchase tickets at the door.

Competition based Independent Horror Film Festival.

11/3 at 7 pm: An Evening with My Comatose Mother and House of Fears

11/3 at 9 pm: Orcs

11/4 at 5 pm: PCHS Horror, Salty Horror Productions Shorts Program

11/4 at 7 pm: Manor Massacre Productions, Trilogy Productions Shorts Program

11/4 at 10 pm: Horror Music Videos

11/5 at Noon: Horror Director Panel (free)

11/5 at 1 pm: Skew

11/5 at 3 pm: In Competition Shorts Program

11/5 at 5 pm: The Black Box

11/5 at 7 pm: True Nature

11/5 at 9 pm: Spyware

11/6 at Noon: Frost

11/6 at 2 pm: Beware

11/6 at 4 pm: Salty Horror Awards

11/6 at 5 pm: Utah Thriller Shorts Program

11/6 at 6 pm: Demon Chaser Challenge Best Of

11/6 at 7 pm: Red Canyon

11/6 at 9 pm: Mr. Limptooth

Starts 11/3 at 7 pm. Screenings held afternoons and evenings on 11/4, 11/5 and 11/6.

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