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Mozart's Sister

Mozart's Sister

Dec 2 - Dec 4, 2011

Directed by Ren? F?ret
Rated Not Rated, 120 min. - subtitled

Underwritten in honor of Candy Erickson

Shot on location in Versailles, this is a splendid fictional account of the early life of Maria Anna Mozart, five years older than Wolfgang and a musical prodigy in her own right. Originally the featured performer in the family, she has given way to her younger brother as the main attraction, during a tour in front of the royal courts of Europe. Approaching marriageable age and now forbidden to play the violin or compose, Maria chafes at the limitations imposed on her gender. A friendship with the son and daughter of Louis XV offers her ways to challenge the established sexual and social order.

Gorgeous, with candlelit shots looking like old master paintings ? a fine match for music that takes your breath away. ? National Public Radio

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