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Nov 16 - Nov 18, 2012

Directed by Nicholas Jarecki
Rated R, 100 min.

Underwritten by Dr. Stephanie Singer of Park City Gynecology, Park City Medesthetix

Richard Gere is a New York hedge-fund magnate on the eve of his 60th birthday, the very portrait of success in American business and family life. Behind the gilded walls of his mansion, he is in over his head, desperately trying to complete the sale of his trading empire to a major bank before the depths of his illegal activities are revealed. Struggling to conceal his crimes and infidelity from his loyal wife, played by Susan Sarandon, and brilliant daughter, Sundance favorite Brit Marling, he is increasingly desperate to cover his tracks. Just as he's about to unload his troubled company, an unexpected and fatal error forces him to enlist the help of a mysterious character from his past.

Richard Gere's performance in the sinfully entertaining Arbitrage is too good to ignore. - Rolling Stone

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