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Bidder 70

Bidder 70

Apr 26 - Apr 28, 2013

Directed by Beth Gage, George Gage
Rated Not Rated, 73 min.

Underwritten by Black Diamond & the Black Diamond Store

This is the story of Tim DeChristopher, a young man who disrupted a controversial Bureau of Land Management Oil and Gas leasing auction in 2008. He posed as a bidder (#70) and bid $1.7 million to win 22,000 acres of land in Utah that he had no intention of paying for (or drilling on). Tim was federally indicted, convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for his courageous act of civil disobedience. Bidder 70 is a personal story surrounded by a wider context of citizen action, our history of peaceful civil disobedience, and grassroots environmental movements demanding government and industry accountability. Representatives from Peaceful Uprising (the activist group that Tim DeChristopher founded) will be on site for a Q&A following Sunday's screening

The most inspiring film... Brilliantly tells the story of climate activist Tim DeChristopher. - Huffington Post

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