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Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Dec 15 - Dec 17, 2006

Directed by Zhang Yimou
Rated PG, 108 min. - subtitled

Underwritten by Coda Gallery

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles is the tale of Gou-ichi Takata, a Japanese man who embarks on an odyssey to China to complete a project for his estranged son, a researcher of Chinese folk art, in order to rekindle their relationship. Takata must find the renowned performer of the legendary Opera song Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. Although he cannot speak Mandarin, Takata persists in the face of formidable official opposition to find the performer and discovers the latter has a family secret of his own.

Director Zhang Yimou is unparelled at masterful storytelling. - People Magazine

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