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Instructions Not Included

Instructions Not Included

Feb 21 - Feb 23, 2014

Directed by Eugenio Derbez
Rated PG-13, 115 min. - subtitled

Valentin is Acapulco's resident playboy until a former fling leaves a baby on his doorstep and takes off without a trace. When Valentin leaves Mexico for Los Angeles to find the baby's mother, he establishes a new life for himself and the child, Maggie, as he becomes one of Hollywood's leading stuntmen in an effort to create a stable home. While perhaps an unlikely father figure, Valentin raises Maggie for six years, discovering the joys of parenting along the way. But their unique and offbeat family may change forever when Maggie's birth mother shows up out of the blue.

There's a lot of movie here with unexpected developments (and) irresistible chemistry between Derbez and his adorable pint-sized co-star. -Los Angeles Times

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