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Tumbleweeds Film Festival

Tumbleweeds Film Festival

Mar 16, 2014

Directed by Various Directors
Rated PG, 90 min.
Tickets are $6

Traveling Tumbleweeds presented in partnership with the Utah Film Center

Ernest & Celestine @ 11 AM

Directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner

80 min | 2014 | France

Bears and mice are not supposed to be friends, but Celestine the mouse and Ernest the bear set out against the odds to prove their friendship is possible in this delightful and beautifully animated film.

Knight Rusty @ 1 PM

Directed by Thomas Bodenstein

85 min | 2013 | Germany

Knight Rusty is in for the adventure of his life: Just as his dream of winning the big tournament comes true, he is falsely accused of theft. Stripped of his knightly honour and his castle, he sets out to redeem himself and to win back the heart of his damsel. Can he also defeat the evil prince and save the kingdom?

Zip Zap & the Marble Gang @ 3 PM

Directed by Oskar Santos

97 min | 2013 | Spain

Zip & Zap, Spain's most beloved mischief-makers, land on the big screen in this action-packed escapade, which pits the comic book heroes against the nefarious headmaster of a rural reform school.


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