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9th Annual Filmmakers Showcase

9th Annual Filmmakers Showcase

Nov 7 - Nov 9, 2014

Directed by Various Directors
Rated Not Rated, 90 min.
Free Screening

Underwritten by Utah Film Commission & Ric Catoni & Park City Municipal Corp

Screening at Park City Marriott, 1895 Sidewinder Drive, Park City

Short works by Utah filmmakers, photographers and multi-media artists. Come discover new local talent and fresh work by talented alumni.

Friday, November 7 at 8pm
Very brief film introductions by participants before screening
The Callback (12 mins) - writer/director, Enzo Mileti
Kitty Fight (5 mins) - director, Josh Samson
Ventriloquist (2 mins) - director, Abby Jenkins
Gray Ghost (4 mins) - writer/director, Jake Topkis
Late NIght at the Biology Department (2 mins) - writer/director, Arthur Veenema
Stray (4 mins) - actor, Ally Ioannides
Boomtown (11 mins) - co-directors, Torben Bernhard/Travis Low; producer, Marissa Lila
Julia (5 mins) - actor, Ally Ioannides, director Matthew Antonino
Summertime (3 mins) - director, Daniel Riley
Balloon Man (9 mins) - director and co-producers, Scott Thornton and Dodge Billingsley
What Do I Desire (4 mins) - director, Cam Thuman

Panel following the screening (Matias Alvarez to moderate): Mark Maziarz, Scott Thornton, Nathan Florence, Ally Ioannides and Enzo Mileti

Saturday, November 8 at 8pm
Very brief film introductions by participants before screening
Gugi (6 mins) - director, Scott Thorton, co-producer VideoWest
Art and Belief (7 mins) - director, Nathan Florence
Ring (2 mins) - director, Adam Herr
A Day at the Beach (2 mins) - director, Brendan Mooney
Adception (2 mins) - director, Xander Brickey
Goshute (3 mins) - director, Zach Vineyard
Last Day With Lizzy (12 mins) - writer/director, Matt Duhamel; co-producer, Heather Duhamel; actor, Jill Adler
Inspiration (6 mins) - writer/director, Tobijah Tyler
Weight (5 mins) - director, Stephane Glynn
Lion (6 mins) - director, Noah Cohen; sound, Andrew Cier
Spirituality for the Uninsured (11 mins) - director, Paul Larsen
Scott Hallenberg Photography Slideshow (5 mins) - photographer, Scott Hallenberg
I Saw an Angel (6 mins) - musician, Rich Wyman

Panel following the screening (Leslie Thatcher to moderate): Paul Larsen, Jenny Mackenzie, Tobijah Tyler, Cameron Thuman and Nathan Florence

Sunday, November 9 at 6pm
Very brief film introductions by participants before screening
Transmormon (12 mins) - director, Torben Bernhard; producer, Marissa Lila
Down the Fence (3 mins) - director/cinematography, Lori Adamski-Peek
Of One Heart (12 mins) - co-producers, VideoWest and The Good Line
Mother's Day (4 mins) - director, Tanya Taylor
Dying in Vein (10 min clip) - director, Jenny MacKenzie
Burning Now (5 mins) - director, Bryce Johnson
Defending Dignity (6 mins) - co-directors, Maura Coursey/Grace Haley; producer, SpyHop
A House and Some Hope (8 mins) - co-directors, Cam Thuman, Douglas Emerson and Ryan Miller; producer, Ginger Tolman

Panel following the screening (Lynn Ware-Peek to Moderate): Torben Bernhard, Dodge Billingsly, Jenny Mackenzie, Lori Adamski Peek, Cameron Thuman and Chris Fischer.

Special dinner and a movie discounts available to ticket holders at DEN Restaurant and Timbers Bar after the show!

Additional support from Park City Marriott.

Part of the Reel Community Series


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