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The Barrel Vol. 2

The Barrel Vol. 2

Feb 19, 2015
7 PM

Directed by Tony Harrington
Rated Not Rated, 63 min.
Tickets are $10

The Barrel is the second episode in a trilogy of films based on the holy grail of surfing - the barrel.

In the past 12 months filmmaker and photographer Tony Harrington has documented the biggest waves at Jaws in the past 5 years with incredible waves ridden by Laird Hamilton and crew, flawless Mavericks with Rusty and Greg Long, Shawn Dollar and Jamie Mitchell. A number of the waves filmed went on to become finalists in the Billabong XXL Awards. They had an Indonesian sojourn across the archipelago and a 2 month adventure in 4WDs and jet skis across the far reaches of Australia encountering big waves, huge great white sharks, whales and more. The surf industry is calling this “the most epic surf doco out there.” In a day and age where “surf porn” is the norm in creation by surf labels, this independent production has retained the core values of surfing and created something that is fantastic viewing and story telling for people who love surfing or have never surfed before.

Key interviews are with Dave Kalama, Jamie O’Brien, Reef MacIntosh, Jamie Mitchell, Tai Graham, Jon Pyzel (John John Florence shaper) and numerous others. If you liked "Riding Giants" and "Step Into Liquid," you’ll most definitely enjoy this film. Film will be followed by a Q&A with Tony Harrington and also include a short clip from the World Heli Challenge in New Zealand.

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